Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Side Note

This is completely unrelated to nursing,
if you had the choice to sleep with any celebrity, who would you pick?

I would definitely pick Ryan Gosling. I loved him since I saw Breaker High back when I was in junior high, and he was really skinny and nerdy. And then I reloved him again when he got all hot-looking for the Notebook, which happens to be my favourite movie of all time. And when he was all sexy and teacher-y in Half Nelson, and nerdy again in Lars and the Real Girl. Plus, he's a fellow Canadian!

And my close second, which probably no one would agree with, is Seth Rogen. I think Seth Rogen is really, really sexy. Even back when he was chubby in the movie Knocked Up. I love his glasses, and his curly hair. And when he laughs.


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