Saturday, September 26, 2009


The lazy, warm, outstretched days of summer have given away to a cooler, less obtrusive season: fall. I love the vibrant colours of the trees and the crunchiness of their leaves. I love that I no longer have to suffer from the thick, uncomfortable humidity of July and August. I like taking long walks outside and the cool breeze and feeling like you can finally breathe. Fall is definitely my favourite season. The only downside is that winter is soon, and in Newfoundland, that means big snowstorms and shovelling, and scary driving conditions that lasts until the end of March.

We have a pre-test on Monday for our CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurses Exam). We take the test online, and get a breakdown of which specific area in nursing we need to improve on and study before we take the CRNE in May. There's a lot of graduation talk in my class. Who knew grad could be so expensive? My ring will cost approximately four-hundred and eighty dollars. We also have to buy our nursing pins. And the dress you wear to the ceremony. All on a student budget. Lovely.


  1. you guys are already talking about graduation? grief..i am just trying to make to

  2. Next semester we have our independent clinical, so we may all be in different parts of the country. I guess thats why everybody is trying to get everything sorted out now. Haha, very scary.

  3. Do students really need to buy a $400 ring? Can you even wear big rings while working on a floor? That seems awfully traditionalist, why not just wear little dresses and hats?


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