Friday, September 4, 2009

I love nursing shows!

Have any of you guys seen the preview for the new NBC show Mercy? I'm really excited about watching it! I don't care if nursing dramas don't necessarily accurately reflect the nursing profession, but no more than House is a realistic portrayl of medicine. I'm sick of shows like House or Grey's Anatomy pretending that nurses don't exist in hospitals. I've watched lots physician characters give out medications on several episodes (since when do doctors actually do that?). And I love the actresses in Mercy, they are actually young, not like Nurse Jackie whose main actress is in her 40's or 50's. Plus, according to Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays one of the main characters, the show isn't supposed to be gimmicky which is cool.

Less than a week until school starts.

Scarryy! I miss my summer!


  1. I saw a commercial for it tonight. It looked okay until they showed a nurse push 100 mg of morphine. C'mon..

  2. Nice! I didn't really like Nurse Jackie, but I'm happy to see some young nurses in Mercy. I also love how they always have a young, innocent, naive new nurse fresh out of school. You can always empathize with those ones...they are also usually hot...


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