Friday, April 24, 2009

Sort of Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel.

So I bought an RN exam book yesterday for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination that I will be writing next year. Other bloggers from the U.S. talk about the NCLEX exam, I am thinking that is the American version of the CRNE. I figured that I would review it over the summer when I had some free time. Since the multiple choice exams in my nursing school are extremely difficult (Answer A, B, and C are all correct...however Answer A is a little bit more correct than answer B, but answer C is the most correct), I thought that these multiple choice questions would be hard too, but they weren't bad at all. Actually, most were common sense. I guess I know a lot more about nursing than I thought I knew. Apparently the pass rate for first CRNE writers is 96%, so I guess the odds are in my favour.
I can't believe I am graduating next year. It is a very scary thought. I still feel really unexperienced as a nursing student, like there is a ton more skills I need to know first before they let me loose on all the patients. Hopefully, after my eight week preceptorship course, I'll feel a bit better about it. Next year, my boyfriend is going to York University in Toronto for law school, so I am going to tag along and do my ten week clinical (hopefully) up there with him. That would be a good experience I think. Especially since I've been living with my parents for my whole undergraduate degree. Which is pretty rare for most 22 year olds.

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